Thrive & Shine will open your eyes to the truth about the permanent effects of abuse and help you understand the barriers that keep you from moving forward. A must-read for anyone trying to succeed!




  • Learn to set achievable goals that propel your growth
  • Find out how to overcome stigmas.
  • Understand the steps needed to overcome the fear, frustration and anger you experience.
  • Discover how to regain your power and self-esteem.
  • Find out how small daily lifestyle choices can create a lifetime of fulfillment.
  • Learn to practice consistent balance and awareness for permanent change
  • Discover how to liberate yourself from emotional baggage.
  • Learn the formula for effective relationships with friends and family.
  • Find out how to reduce your dependence on outside sources for validation.
  • Learn to unlock the keys to what’s holding you back from being your authentic self!
  • Find out how to seek help when you really need it, to achieve a lifestyle that leads to the best you!
  • Learn how to be a star in your own right!


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