Morning Cup Of Jo's blog on Fear

Welcome to my very first blog! I've created this blog in conjunction with my morning show entitled, "Your Morning Cup of Jo"!

Upon writing my book, "Thrive & Shine -Overcoming the Shame of Abuse to Create a Life of Success", I realized that the book is just a start. Anyone trying to push forward toward success needs help daily.

One of Zig Ziglar's famous quotes sums it up perfectly. He said, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." So, I will be doing a brief morning show as well as this blog to motivate and inspire you on a daily basis.

For the first show, I think it's important to talk about fear. In all of the hype during the aftermath of Prince's death, there was one phrase that stuck out in my mind. Like most, I was a little shocked by the death of one of my generation's most prolific artists. As I was reading about it, a quote from Stevie Wonder stood out. He said (regarding Prince), "He was very free — and to do what he did without fear was a wonderful thing because it's always great. It is always great when we don't allow fear to put our dreams to sleep — and he didn't."

As I read and re-read that quote, I thought to myself, "Am I allowing fear to put MY dreams to sleep?" Then I thought about people all over the world who have dreams. What differentiates someone who merely dreams of being a famous performer from someone who actually achieves his dream? Stevie Wonder's quote was incredibly insightful because it shows that everyone has fear. The key to success is not allowing our fears to paralyze us to the point where even our dreams are sleeping. It shows that fear can be so strong, it could prevent us from dreaming. That's deep.

So how do we break free from fear? One of my mentor's, Jim Rohn, once said, "There are two ways to face the future. One way is with apprehension; the other is with anticipation." This goes hand-in-hand with a chapter in my book entitled, The Light At the End of the Tunnel Is NOT a Train. In this chapter, I talk about how we can face the future without fear. One step to take is simple. Just grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out what the worst possible outcomes could be. Then go through each one and honestly ask yourself, "how bad is this?". Oftentimes, the apprehension that we create in our own minds grows to the point of becoming fear.

If, for example, you are afraid of being rejected, ask yourself how bad is rejection, really? Can you still breathe after being rejected? Will you have a heart attack? Will it be so bad that you'll have to change your name? I know these may sound silly; but that's exactly how silly the fear is. Learn to embrace it. Turn your fear of rejection into something positive. Anticipate it. Instead of being afraid of getting rejected, turn it around so that every rejection leads you closer to "Yes".

If Prince had let his fears put his dreams to sleep, the world would have never discovered Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, or whatever is your favorite song/performance by Prince.

In closing, I'd like to leave you with a challenge. Les Brown said, "Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears." My challenge is to dream so big that it overcomes all of your fears. Work on your dreams as if they are guaranteed to succeed. Work hard to keep your dreams alive and awake.

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