9 Steps to Maneuver Through Hard Times

Life isn’t always easy. When times are challenging the key is to not allow our fears to paralyze us to the point where even our dreams are sleeping. Life is harder to enjoy and appreciate when success feels so far away. But you’ve maneuvered hard times before, and you’ll successfully do it again.

While nothing can make a hard situation easy, there are things you can do to bring success into your life.

Use these tips to Maneuver challenging times and get your life back on a successful path:

1. Focus on getting the results YOU want by what you can control. There are some things you just can’t control. Other people’s actions, the weather, the stock market, the Coronavirus, and your height are a few examples. Fortunately, there are things in your control. Your focus should be here! Time spent worrying about things beyond your control is a waste of time and effort. Choose to use your time wisely to create the life you want. Remember anyone trying to push forward toward success needs help daily.

2. Understand the differences between overcoming and maneuvering to make navigating through life EASIER. This isn’t the first challenge you’ve faced. You’ve overcome lots of things. You just haven’t thought about them lately. Remind yourself of how capable and resilient you can be. Your current challenge will suddenly seem a little smaller.

3. Choose who you want to be and just breathe. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, bring yourself back to reality by focusing on your breathing. Feel the air moving in and out of your body. Spend a few minutes on this and you’ll feel better. Your breath is always with you and focusing on it will bring you back to the present.

4. Dispel fear and anxiety by taking care of yourself. When times are hard, our natural tendency is to put ourselves last. It’s easy to think that your grooming, eating, and sleeping habits are inconsequential, but that’s not true. No matter what is going wrong, make an effort to perform some type of self-care. You still need healthy food, sufficient sleep, and a little self-respect to be at your best.

5. Tap into your power to take ACTION by saying, “No”. When times are tough, avoid taking on additional responsibilities. The best way to do this is to use the word “no” judiciously. Don’t worry about upsetting anyone. They’ll figure it out. It is okay to put yourself first.

6. Be confident & laugh. Laughter is . Being confident feels good, and it gives hope. What makes you feel the most confident? Dressing your best. Or hitting your fitness goals. What makes you laugh? It might be a comic book, funny movie, or a humorous friend. Think about what makes you laugh and feel confident. Spend some time doing these things each day.

7. Exercise. Exercise is good at burning up excess emotional energy. It’s also healthy for you. When you’re feeling stressed, a good workout can do wonders.

8. Form new thoughts and patterns by using more of your brain. Hard times focus your attention on your negative situation. Direct your mind to focus on something positive. What are you grateful for? Just grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out a few things. Then go through each one and honestly ask yourself, "how can I achieve these things?". Oftentimes, the apprehension that we create in our own minds grows into fear or success.

9. Ask for help. Hopefully, you’re not completely alone. Put the people in your life to work. Lean on others to get you through tough times. You might be able to find someone to help you run errands or even watch your kids. There are good people out there. Remember that your life hasn’t always been easy. Things will get better, even when you were sure they couldn’t. Use these tips to make impact in your life. Don’t just settle for what life has handed you. Learn to look at your life with a new perspective. Remember that you’re not alone. Brighter days are ahead.

I challenge you to dream so big that it overcomes all of your fears. I hope these tips will motivate you to keep maneuvering through hard times. If you enjoyed reading about these tips, you’ll love my book even more!

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